DxO Photolab and DNG

John Rylands Library, Manchester.
John Rylands Library, Manchester. Fuji X-T2, 10-24mm at 12mm, ISO800, 1/3″ at f/7.1. Handheld leaning on the stair handrail for support.

I have been experimenting with DxO Photolab again. I really like the software but before I can commit to buying it, I need it to support the Fuji XTrans RAW file format. If I can’t process the Fuji X-T2 files, it’s only going to work for a fraction of the images I shoot.

Then I had an idea. What if I convert the RAW file to DNG first using Iridient XTransformer. I felt sure I had used a much earlier version of DxO to process RAW files.

Unfortunately, my excitement was short lived. DxO Photolabs couldn’t read the file.

So instead of writing about a great work around, I’m going to share an image shot with the Fuji X-T2 and converted in Lightroom. This has then had a little post processing with On1 Photo Effects to emphasise the shadows. The stars around the lights were enhanced very slightly using Topaz Star Effects.

4 thoughts on “DxO Photolab and DNG

  1. I’d contacted DxO about this solution months ago, pointing out they are missing a lot of sales by not accepting the DNG file format produced by X-Transformer. No response. I guess they are happy with the market share they have.

    1. My experience of contacting DxO has been similar although I have made six attempts now without a reply. Granted only three of them have been about support for Fuji RAW files. Unfortunately, I don’t think they are unusual in giving no response. There are quite a few large organisations where communications appear to disappear into a black hole. I hope they get their act together for the next version of Nik.

  2. Hi Robin, I believe that I read on DxO’s support FAQ’s that although the software supports DNG files that are created using either Adobe Lightroom or Adobe’s DNG converter, it also has to support the original RAW format. And that I believe is the problems that you have encountered as no XTrans RAW files are supported by DXO – pity as from experience I have seen it extract quite a lot of detail from an Olympus RAW file.

    1. Thanks Nigel. That would make a lot of sense, although as XTransformer has made the conversion, it seems a little lazy. When I tried the software with Canon, Olympus and Sony files I was impressed. I would love some support for Fuji XTrans though.

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