New On1 Editing Video Published on YouTube

I’m off to speak at Wilmslow Guild Photographic Society tonight. Fortunately, I managed to publish my latest video tutorial on YouTube before I must leave.

If you watched my previous tutorial about using the On1 Masking tools, this tutorial goes a step further. It demonstrates how impressive On1 can be when using these masking tools. It also demonstrates additional features that I didn’t cover previously.

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2 thoughts on “New On1 Editing Video Published on YouTube

  1. Hi Robin Can I suggest an item for one of your forthcoming blogs/videos – what would be you choice for an initial filter kit. I have just sold all my Canon gear and invested in an Olympus OMD EM1mkII camera and now also wish to upgrade all my old Cokin filters for either Kase or NiSi filters. Both companies offer a starter kit, but I would be interested in your suggestions (which may of course match those offered). Keep up the valuable work – even though you now favour the Fuji system, your advice and tips are almost always universally applicable. Regards Roger

    1. Hi Roger, thanks for the idea. A couple of people have asked me about which filters recently. My only difficulty is that I would appear biased because I sell Kase. But the reason I sell case is because they are excellent. I can’t compare to the Nisi system as I don’t have any but I could compare to Lee. I will add this to the list. Thanks again.

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