Friday Image No.170

Oxford river reflection. Fuji X-T2, 16-55 lens, ISO200, f/8.0, 1/15″ handheld (resting on a bridge).

Last week was all go. I spent a few days in Oxford visiting friends and shooting some architecture. Then my Mac gave up on me and I needed to take it to a repair centre. Now that it’s fixed, I’m busy rebuilding it with all my applications.

Fortunately, I have been able to recover my Lightroom Catalogue, or I would be crying. The event has though prompted me to come up with a better backup plan for my image library. I’m going to write about that in my next newsletter as it’s a common problem amongst photographers.

To help calm my nerves I thought I would share this image. It’s taken in Oxford on the way back from the town centre. As is always the case, the best sunsets happen when you’re not in a picturesque setting. Fortunately, I was able to find a vantage point over the river for a great reflection, framing it with the winter trees. I really rather like the shot, especially as it’s handheld with no filters.

8 thoughts on “Friday Image No.170

  1. Nice picture for an impromptu occasion. That is the big advantage of lightweight cameras You can carry one around with you without feeling weighed down and serious.

  2. Hello Robin,

    A very nice image indeed, & I was particularly pleased to read that it was done handheld with the 16-55mm lens on your X-T2 ( with some help from a bridge). I have this lens as well & enjoy using it for both landscape & architecture, but on my X-Pro2 it is a bit more of a handful without using a mono or tripod. OIS in the lens like some of their others would probably help but suspect then that the lens would be even more of a behemoth. It will probably work quite nicely with the new X-H1 with its IBIS but I guess time will tell. Would love to see more of your photos taken with this lens.


    1. Thanks Jed. I do use this lens a lot although I tend to prefer it on a tripod because it doesn’t have OIS. Fuji said it would be too big and heavy so they left it out. In all honesty, I didn’t intend to take this lens. I thought I had my 18-135 with me. What a lucky accident as it turns out.

  3. Hello Robin,

    Nice shot indeed. I like the reflections of the trees in the water, and that wonderful sky.
    Quite strange that this could be Oxford – I imagine Oxford only with the old imposing buildings of the colleges. But I remember that in the TV series Inspector Morse (and afterwards Lewis), there were also spots with the river, trees, small bridges and so on.

    N. B. In your preceding mail, you talked about the problems you’ve had with your Mac. Now I wonder : could that be due to something like “planned obsolescence” everybody is talking about ?

    1. Thank you, I’m pleased you like the shot. Oxford is built on a river although I don’t think it get’s quite the publicity it should. Lovely place.
      I hope my Mac problems aren’t planned redundancy. This iMac was the highest spec Apple could do at the time and it’s only 13 months old. Frustratingly it’s always been problematic and would crash quite frequently but no one could ever find anything wrong.

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