Future Blog Posts and Sharpening Tutorial

Wasterwater, The Lake District (2012)

I haven’t posted much on the blog in the past couple of weeks. I’m quite short of time at present and the blog’s unfortunately taken second place to other important activities. I’m therefore going to change the direction of the blog a little. I suppose this goes back to my post at the end of … Continue reading Future Blog Posts and Sharpening Tutorial

Friday Image No.170

Last week was all go. I spent a few days in Oxford visiting friends and shooting some architecture. Then my Mac gave up on me and I needed to take it to a repair centre. Now that it’s fixed, I’m busy rebuilding it with all my applications. Fortunately, I have been able to recover my … Continue reading Friday Image No.170

Friday image No.011

I love reflections., I find them fascinating and beautiful whether created on manmade surfaces or in nature. I suppose the ones we find in nature are the ones that really enthral me and I can't help reaching for my camera. Here is one from my walk last weekend in Jumbles Country park near to Bolton. … Continue reading Friday image No.011