Save the Nik Collection

Haystack Rock, Canon Beach, USA. Sony A7r processed using the Nik Collection.

Google recently announced that there would be no further updates to the Nik Collection. This is a real shame. These tools are excellent and I personally don’t want to see them fall behind, ultimately becoming incompatible with new operating systems.

I doubt this will change Googles mind but Sascha Rheker has started a petition to Save the Nik Collection. If you have a minute please register your support.


19 thoughts on “Save the Nik Collection

  1. This topic has been given lots of space on blogs / web sites etc since the announcement. However, it must have been apparent to most, that when Google made Nik free, the end was nigh. In fact there haven’t been any updates in over a year and surely if the apps work for people now, they always will until either MS or Adobe stop them from doing so.

    In that case (and especially if people want further development) there would be a cost and I can imagine the outcry if Google were to say ‘OK, we’ll further develop and maintain NIK, but it’s then it will be sold for $XX a copy’. Or is it that people just want their cake and eat it too ?

    BTW, I am a NIK user and paid for it before Google gave it away.

    1. Hi Steve,
      I agree with you in so far as people who had this for free will complain. But if a great new set of tools were launched I would expect and be happy to pay (a comment I made when signing the petition).

  2. Thanks for providing this link. I too use Nik and will miss it if and when it becomes obsolete. Google is only interest in Nik for phone apps. Very unfortunate.

  3. They will harm themselves by their actions. I don’t use Google for search for obvious reasons. I know friends (with PC’s) that used Picasa, that’s gone. They replaced it with Google photos, if NIK does go, would you want to upload your pics to Google Photos to store them…!!??

  4. I like NIK and parts of the collection are ‘go to’ for many photos but there are others. Google was just a corporate raider.

  5. Robin, I have signed the petition against losing NIK Software, however,I would have expected to find something to this effect when I did a google search. But Google still seem to be promoting this product. From your information, have they given any indication of when they will not be supporting this software?

  6. I have signed the petition about losing NIK Software. This situation has happened before, a good company is bought up and put out of business. Being a Nikon user Nikon got Nik Software to develop Capture NX2 for Nikon, it was regarded as a really good piece editing Software for processing Neff files, such as picture control , D lighting, white balance etc. which was all built into the software, and now it’s all gone what a shame.

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