Friday Image No.137

Views across Ogden. Sony RX10 ISO100, f/5.6, 1/200″

Do you ever have that experience of visiting somewhere frequently and you instinctively know there is an image to be had. But despite this, you never seem to be able to quite capture it? That’s precisely the situation I find myself in with the image I’m sharing today.

This is Ogden, the same location as the pylon image in my previous blog post. The view you see hear is the first scene that greats you when you park and walk up the banks of the reservoir.

Despite visiting the location many times and under all kinds of weather, I never seem to be able to do justice to the scene. I keep thinking I’m nearly there but it never quite works. I have shot this scene in rain, sun, fog, hail, snow; if you can imagine a set of conditions, I have probably tried. It’s rather surprising then that this scene captured under a cloud sky with the sun breaking through momentarily seems to work best.

What I feel makes it work well is that the scene has shadows, but retains detail within the shadows. Too often we see images where the photographer has tried hard to remove all the shadows and show detail everywhere. This just doesn’t work in my mind.

I now have a new motto; embrace the shadows.

I hope you have a great weekend.

4 thoughts on “Friday Image No.137

  1. I think the image is very pleasing Robin, there is detail in the shadow tones. and light tones.

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