Checking my RX10

Derwent Valley, The Peak District. Sony RX10 with 0.6 ND Graduated Filter

A few weeks back I wrote about my Sony RX10 and how it had to be repaired. The front element had a problem with mould growing on the inside and given the front element is part of a sealed unit ,the entire unit had to be replaced. Rather than use a Sony repair centre I opted to use The Real Camera Company in Manchester. These guys really know their stuff; I purchased my Bronica SQAi kit from them about a year ago.

Having received my repaired RX10, I have been unable to test it properly due to a combination of the weather, a trip to Madeira and having too much work on. At the weekend though I decided to take a walk in the Peak District and took the RX10 along in the hope of giving it a try. As it turned out, the weather wasn’t that good, clouding over quite heavily, and I didn’t shoot any great images. The image at the top of this page is probably the best.

What the trip did allow me to do was evaluate the replaced lens. In short, I’m very pleased. It’s as sharp as my previous lens and I’m confident that the results are much better. The corners are still a little soft, but the central part of the image appears excellent. The other point that I noticed is that more distant detail is now being retained better than with the old lens. Previously, you could see the finer details such as grass and rock turn soft. Now this isn’t noticeable.

I’m feeling very happy about my decision to have the camera repaired – it was certainly cheaper than replacing it. Could I do without the RX10? Yes. Do I want to? No way, it’s a brilliant camera and perfect for a walk in the countryside.

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  1. Glad to hear that your camera is functional again. I didn’t see a mention of it, but how do you store your RX10? I keep both of my Olympus cameras in dedicated camera bags, but my Sony RX100.3 is kept in a dresser drawer for quick grabs. I’ve noticed some weird patterns on the LCD screen, and I wonder if heat and/or humidity are the culprits. I haven’t seen any mold, but since reading of your issue I started keeping it a bag. Regards, Jim

    1. Thanks Jim. The RX10 is on a shelf most of the time although sometimes its kept in a camera bag. Disussing equipment storage with people at the Real Camera Company they recommend storing the camera where air can circulate, the atmospher is dry and there is light. Mould doesn’t like anything of these things. They don’t recommend storring in a camera bag or it you do, remove the equipment from time to time.

  2. Nice to see you using the RX10 again Robin. This week I’ve sold all my Sony a6000 gear and have picked up the RX100v. Looking at all my images I have to say the ones I’ve taken with my old RX100 iii have been my favourite due to me taking the little RX everywhere with me before selling it for the a6000. Hope you have a great weekend mate 👍

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