Free Book Offer – This Weekend

Mastering Your Camera
Mastering Your Camera. Free Book Offer

This weekend my book “Mastering your Camera” is available for free. It’s only available on the Saturday and Sunday (25th and 26th March) so be sure to pick up a copy. And don’t forget to let your friends know.

Here is the link to book but you can also find it by searching for the title.

Mastering Your Camera

If you find the book isn’t immediately free in your Amazon store, try again a little later. I understand the timing of the offer is based on one of the US time zones. I know last time I did a free offer, people in Australia and New Zealand hand to wait until the following day to take advantage.


Although this is a Kindle eBook, you don’t need to own a Kindle to read it. Many people miss out as they don’t realise there is a free Kindle software from Amazon. This allows you to read Kindle books on various devices including PC’s, Mac’s tablets and phones. My personal favourite is my phone. It works very well and is with me most of the time.

If you haven’t seen the Kindle software before, here is the link.

Link to Kindle Software & Apps






4 thoughts on “Free Book Offer – This Weekend

  1. Robin, a couple items:

    1. I have downloaded the free “Master Your Camera” kindle book – thanks very much. I have also enjoyed your books on the NIK topics.

    2. This morning I have also bought “The Photographers Guide to Image Sharpening in Lightroom” kindle book, but have been very frustrated trying to access the accompanying video. I can certainly find the page to buy the course for $20 but cannot get the site to accept the coupon code that came with the book that would allow me to access it for free. Any suggestions?

    3. And finally, just for your info, I live in Canada and always find access to your site very slow, in fact the slowest I experience anywhere.

    Dan Derousie

    1. Hi Dan,
      Thanks for purchasing my books and I’m pleased to hear you have enjoyed them. Regarding access to the Sharpening Course, I have corrected this now. I’m not sure what the problem was but if you log in to your account you will be able to view the videos.
      Thanks for reporting the slow site speed. This has been an ongoing problem for me which I thought had been largely resolved. I have suffered from various attempted denial of service attacks – no idea why my site should warrant this. There is also an ongoing technical issue since 08:00 this morning (GMT) which the hosting company are trying to get to the bottom of. Hopefully this will be resolved. I have plans to redevelop the site later this year which should help the speed issues. Interestingly Canada is one of the countries where I regularly check the load times and most pages load in between 0.5″ and 2.5″ but this doesn’t seem to be what users on the ground experience.
      Please bear with me as I’m determined to improve user experience.

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