Friday Image No.116

Olympus EM5, ISO200, 12-40mm lens, 1/250" at f/8.0
Olympus EM5, ISO200, 12-40mm lens, 1/250″ at f/8.0

I can hardly believe it. This time last week I was in the Lake District, sat in a pub enjoying a nice meal. The weather was turning very cold and the next day I was greeted by a very thick frost. I was staying near to the iconic hill known as Catbells with the intention of walking the Newlands Horseshoe. This image was shot near to the summit of Catbells and is a three-image stich using the Olympus EM5.

In the end, we didn’t make it around the horseshoe. We reached High Spy which is a little short of half way when we turned back. It looked like we would run short of daylight and the conditions underfoot were poor. The big mistake was forgetting my crampons. There was a lot of ice and snow about so walking in just boots was slow going and a little tricky at times. I didn’t mind turning back though as the walk (which I have done several times) gave great views in the first half.

Have a great weekend.

8 thoughts on “Friday Image No.116

  1. Thanks, Robyn, for this lovely image. I’m looking forward to making a photography visit to the Lake District one of these days. Sorry about the bad weather you encountered, but one never knows this time of the year. Cheers!

    1. Don’t misunderstand my comments. The weather was wonderful I just didn’t have the right kit with me to make the most of it. I wasn’t expecting the snow and ice so I left my crampons at home. In winter I usually carry a set of lightweight foot spikes that I can pull over my boots but I changed my backpack at the last minute and forgot those. Despite this, the conditions were wonderful for photography.

  2. Nice shot and a good topic. Stitching has become so easy in the past few years. I do stitched HDR panos all the time. I’m always surprised when I encounter folks who think they need a 40MP camera for landscapes.

      1. Not heroics involved, as I’m sure you know. Panasonic makes a 3-, 5-, or 7-stop handheld bracket easy, and Lightroom make 1- or 2-minute operation.

  3. What a beautiful view that is. Autumn colour still very much in evidence and a dusting of snow. The only time I’ve ever donned crampons in the UK was when negotiating the Snowdon Horseshoe in winter. Very iced up in places, but a memorable trip.

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