Friday Image No.109

The beach at Godrevy, Cornwall. Olympus EM5, 12-40 lens + 0.9 ND Graduated Filter
The beach at Godrevy, Cornwall. Olympus EM5, 12-40 lens + 0.9 ND Graduated Filter

It’s the end of another week and I’m preparing for an early morning start. I’m going to try some shots over in the Peak District but as is often the case, the weather forecast doesn’t look too good. Hopefully things won’t look quite as bad when I get on location.

I have also been busy trying to find an image to share but I wasn’t coming up with much. In the end I selected the image above. I have shared other images from this shoot in the past but I really like these.

This is a single RAW image processed in Lightroom and then enhanced with Nik Viveza. I have tried to keep the adjustments looking natural and I hope you like the treatment.

Have a great weekend.

14 thoughts on “Friday Image No.109

  1. Beautiful. Can you please identify the flowers in the foreground? I’ve seen them in Brittany, northwestern France, but their identity escapes me.

  2. Hi there. Love your photos. I’ve been a micro fourthirds user for a while and have just got an em 5. What filters do you use with your camera (and I guess which lenses).

    1. Thanks Keith. I have been using the EM5 for almost 4 years and have two of them. One is a standard EM5 and the other has been converted to shoot Infrared. In terms of lenses I currently have the Olympus 17mm f/1.8, Olympus 25mm f/1.8, Olympus 45mm f/1.8, Olympus 60mm Macro f/2.8, Samyang 7.5mm Fisheye, Olympus 9-18mm, Olympus 12-40mm and Panasonic 45-150mm. I have owned quite a few others over the years. I’m about to sell off quite a bit of the kit as I don’t use it much and will probably keep the two bodies and the zoom lenses.

      In terms of filters, I use Lee Seven 5 system with Micro 43. The core of the kit are the 3 ND grads which are 1, 2 and 3 stops in strength. I also have 3 stop, 6 stop and 10 stop ND filters.

      1. Robin that’s really helpful. Thanks for the info. Let me know when you put your kit up for sale 😀. Many thanks

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