Friday Image No.107

The Volcano on Vulcano. Olympus EM5 with 9-18mm Olympus lens.
The Volcano on Vulcano. Olympus EM5 with 9-18mm Olympus lens. Click to enlarge the image and get the real real experience.

I’m a little late today having been working solidly since around 07:30 this morning (it’s now 21:30). I have a backlog of work that seems to be getting longer every day and I have a full weekend and following week ahead of me. I need to cheer myself up and not just by dreaming of the Fuji XT2.

To make me feel better, here is one of the images from my recent volcano trekking trip to Italy. Here’s one from the rim of the volcano on the island of Vulcano. It’s actually a three image stich shot with the Olympus EM5 using the 9-18mm Olympus lens. The stitching was done in Lightroom.

Have a great weekend.

6 thoughts on “Friday Image No.107

  1. This is a very fascinating photograph. One could discuss this for hours. There is a strong battle within the composition involving the foreground and the background. The foreground is very busy without a specific focal interest other than some contrast of color between brown an yellowish-whites. All this dull brown matter is then in contrast with the bright beautiful blue water in the background with the ethereal mist around the islands and the gorgeous clouds that seem never to end. One’s eye is in conflict within the composition in trying to decipher the foreground, and wanting to dwell on the background. I think the issue is the 2D nature of a photograph versus the reality of a 3D subject. Knowing that it is a volcano helps to clarify the spatial relationship, thereby making more sense for the viewer. Also, one may argue whether or not this should have been shot with an ultra-wide angle lens to accentuate the roundness and depth of the huge pit and de-emphasize the background to prevent the eye wandering to the background. Had there been something more unique at the volcano floor, like fire red lava, maybe one’s eye would have stayed with the foreground. However, this is one of those awe inspired views that is beautiful beyond comparison.

    1. Thanks John. I know its often said and sometimes as an excuse for a boring image, but you really do need to view this image large to appreciate it. When printed large it seems to come to life. On the computer screen it seems to lose something. Perhaps its all the rocky detail in the foreground and not being able to appreciate the depth and look into the distant islands. Whatever it is, it definately looks better printed large.

  2. Enlarged to fit the whole screen there is a feeling that one is standing right on the rim of this pit and that the edges of the image are wrapping round. I love the contrast between the foreground and the brilliance of the sea and that colour naturally draws one into the image. It works very well.

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