1. Lurvely, as a geologist its always good to see some proper landscapes, Lake District approx 450ma 😉

    on a more technical note, that lens seems to have a bit of barrel distortion on the horizon, have you tried correcting in LR or is that whats left after correcting. i appreciate sometimes you have to sacrifice some parts of the photo when making corrections and i have had caes when i have left distortion or vignetting in as to edit it would affect the main focus of the shot.

    1. Thanks.
      Your right there is distotion but it’s not from where you might expect. It’s caused by the Boundary Warp feature in Lightroom rather than the lens profiles. Strangely, it adds to the feel of an unusual perspective and removing it leaves the image looking a little boring, so I left it alone.

  2. Great. I just traded my XT1 for the XT2. It is a quantum leap. Ergonomics and controls fix all the nits I had. Image quality is off the charts.

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