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Sharpening RAW files from Small Sensor Cameras

France, somewhere near Nontes. Sony RX10, ISO125, f/5.0, 1/250"
France, somewhere near Nontes. Sony RX10, ISO125, f/5.0, 1/250″

If you shoot with a small sensor camera and use Lightroom for RAW conversion, then it’s a good idea to take care when sharpening. Noise can be a particular problem when at low ISO settings but there are steps you can take. This video demonstrates how to avoid the ugly sharpening artefacts that can result and which tend to become exaggerated in later processing.

I hope you find this useful.


  1. Dear Robin, video-tutorials are a good idea if you understand English very well. I don’t know how many your readers have my problem. I ask you if there is a sense also to write down the you-tube tutorials.
    .Anyway, thank you very much: there was no Brexit for lightweghtphotogtaphers!!
    Sergio Vianello

    1. Hi Sergio, thanks for reminding me of this. I can imagine trying to follow the video is difficult. Unfortunately you may need to wait a little while as I was aiming to write a more detailed guide for this years readers Christmas Present.

  2. Most people have not mastered the delicate dance between noise removal and detail preservation. They should all watch your marvelous tutorial.

    I like the fact that you chose a picture with some merits but with an image quality that many would reject out of hand.

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