The Future of the Blog and Website

The Hall of Mosses Trail, Hoh Rainforest
The Hall of Mosses Trail, Hoh Rainforest, Olympic National Park, Washington

Last week I posted a blog entry with a suggested mission statement and questions. There are two reasons for this. Firstly, I want to be sure that I am meeting the needs and expectations of you my readers. Secondly, it can be a struggle at times finding interesting material to write about.

Following publication, the post has drawn a lot of very useful feedback both as post comments and direct email. I would like to say a huge thank you to all those people who went to the trouble of contacting me to share your thoughts. This post is my attempt to put some structure around how I will use the blog and website in the future, based on your feedback. I should point out that I may deviate from this at times, but generally you can expect the following:

The Blog

  • The Lightweight Photographer blog will be used to answer the question “what am I doing at the moment”. This can include things that have caught my interest such as a new piece of software or new things I am experimenting with.
  • There will be a mix of equipment based the cameras I am using, probably in the ratio I use them. This means coverage will be skewed to Micro 43 but other equipment will also be featured from time to time. I will include thoughts about accessories such as tripods, filters as well as film, scanning, medium format, compact cameras and full frame. In short, you will hear about what I have been doing with my equipment and what my thoughts are.
  • If there is important news I will share it through the blog.
  • I will cover image processing, especially where I am frustrated with something, where I learn something new or I simply just want to experiment.
  • I will share any tips that cross my mind as I work.
  • I will continue to share examples of my images.

The Website

  • This is where longer tutorials and articles will appear. Material will be both written and video based with a definite emphasis on education/how to. This material is likely to be skewed towards image editing.
  • I will continue to develop Lenscraft as a free resource for photographers.
  • The Lenscraft Creative Store will continue and feature both free and paid products. More products will be added as time allows and this is where I will share my annual Christmas gift for members.

You Tube

  • This is a new channel I would like to develop. It will feature image editing videos as well as “out in the field” video footage.

I hope this sets out the future of the blog and website, providing reassurance of what to expect. My intention now is to focus on some of the answers to the questions I raised.

Once again, thank you.

20 thoughts on “The Future of the Blog and Website

  1. That’s a really splendid spread of themes and areas of interest and development. Thank you for the work you put in.

  2. Just a quick thought – to help you maintain a variety of information you could consider allowing your readership to contribute ‘quick tips’ (or longer ones) by email for your approval which you could then post a contributions grouped under software, processing techniques, photo techniques or whatever.

  3. This sounds good. I like the ideas regarding less often used equipment such as film, medium format, and scanning as it is difficult to keep abreast of these techniques. As a primary user of M43, I still use APSC and Full Frame cameras for special projects so having a broad view web site is very favorable. YouTube is also another good idea.

  4. Sounds like a good idea Robin, and some good suggestions have already been submitted. I have some of your tutorials and find them very good, and trying to engage members more is a good idea as we can all learn from each other. I am still using a full frame camera at the moment, but eventually I shall have to move to a smaller lightweight camera.
    Best of Luck John.

  5. I didn’t get time to reply at the time but just want to say I’m very appreciative of your work… I’ve even bought 5 of your books! Looking forward to the Nik HDR one. Nik is my main processing tool & it was your books that gave me a great foundation to work from. Keep up the good work Robin – along with many others I find it invaluable.

  6. Hi Robin, I don’t follow many new blogs but found yours on a link of “Blogs I like” from someone new who started following mine. I gave it a click and couldn’t stop enjoying your photographic and didactic work. Such a wealth of information and inspiration to learn more about Nik tools, etc.–I’m very surprised to see so few likes and comments. Very much looking forward to more! -Gary

    1. Well, I’m very pleased that you found me and like the blog. Perhaps I should start calling myself the best kept secret in photography. Spread the word if you have the opportunity. By the way, I take requests for subjects and tutorials. Just add your comments to any of the postings. Cheers. Robin

  7. I missed the first blog over the blog but have been reading you,buying your books,and now videos for a good few years now. I have no idea how I came across you probably because I had purchased on EM5, but I have enjoyed all of it. Many thanks and looking forward to the future.

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