Approach Digital Photography

Monochrome Forest

Olympus EM5, 12-40mm lens. f/4.0, 1/200" at ISO800
Olympus EM5, 12-40mm lens. f/4.0, 1/200″ at ISO800

The Friday image this week seemed to draw a few favourable comments so I thought that I would post another similar image. I have also included the colour image below, but this time I personally prefer the colour image. I can’t say why this is but the colour image seems to have more depth to it.

Colour version of image
Colour version of image. My preference with this shot.


  1. It is easy to like the colour image, and the green is pleasing – which can’t always be said of greens! But IMO the b&w makes a sreonger visual statement.

  2. I fully agree with John Nicholson. By the way, this B&W image and a similar you presented a few days ago are very reminiscent of the front picture on the ansel Adam’s book “the print”.

  3. I too find the B&W attracts me more. I think it is because the texture appears more pronounced and the water droplets provide a more distinct contrast.

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