Friday Image No.91

Haweswater. 4 image series on the Olympus EM5 with 14mm prime. ISO200, 1/160" at f/8.0
Haweswater. 4 image series on the Olympus EM5 with 14mm prime. ISO200, 1/160″ at f/8.0

I shot this image almost 3 years ago in June 2013. It was my first outing with the Olympus EM5, a camera that I feel has changed my photography. This is actually 4 images merged in Lightroom. I shot a lot of these panoramic series back then as I found the EM5 was so easy to use. But until the new Lightroom merge feature was introduced, I have left many of these to sit on my hard drive.

The location is Haweswater in the Lake District. It’s actually a reservoir that’s been engineered to look like a lake. There’s even a very pretty manmade island. It’s a shame they had to flood a village to do this. If you have never visited this area, it’s well worth a look. It’s much quieter than the rest of the lakes and the Haweswater hotel makes a great place to stay.

Hope you like the shot and have a great weekend.

7 thoughts on “Friday Image No.91

  1. Lovely, and you’re right, a nice place to get away from the crowds and if you’re lucky maybe see an eagle or two

    1. Funny you should say that. First time I went walking up there I was stood on Eagle Crag and my wife said the guide book says if your lucky you can see an eagle. My reply was “I’m lucky” as I was watching a huge eagle circling up on a thermal. Watched it for around 5 minutes before it moved off. Lovely area.

    1. Thank you and I agree, great fun and yes you should do more. I can’t stop creating them. I used to shoot with (and still do from time to time) an XPan. I need only pick it up now and I start seeing the world in panoramic format.

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