Friday Image No.89

The Langdales in the Lake District. Olympus EM5, 45-150 lens. Handheld.
The Langdales in the Lake District. Olympus EM5, 45-150 lens. Handheld.

I shot this one a few weeks back when I was in the Lake District playing around with my new (old) Bronica SQ film camera. This one however was shot on the Olympus EM5. The difference between using these two cameras was amazing. The Bronica forced you to be very slow and check everything twice whilst with the Olympus I could just point and shoot almost.

The weather conditions at the time weren’t perfect but the location shows a lot of promise. I hadn’t seen this viewpoint photographed previously although I’m sure it has been. Hopefully I will return under better conditions in the future.

Have a great weekend everyone.

9 thoughts on “Friday Image No.89

  1. Wonderful sense of scale especially those tiny buildings at the base. It makes me wonder who lives there? Are they farmers, ranchers, herders? It doesn’t seem big enough for a village, but a lot of buildings close together. John

  2. Robin, a very beautiful shot of Langsdale. I don’t believe you can find perfect conditions unless your there 24/7. Photographic results seems to vary for each individual, I loved this one.

  3. Heres one I shot back in 2007 (I think) same view but with a wider angle lens, I was on the back of that small ridge in front of the houses looking down on chapel Stile. This has been processed and cropped from the original NEF file. We were staying in my favourite location, long weekend in the Britannia Inn at Elterwater and I have a lot of early morning and late evening shots from this area over the years. Lots of people just blast through Elterwater and Chapel Stile on the way to Langdale but there are some lovely view to be had from relatively easy climbs with good view south over Coniston Old Man.

    All the best and keep up the posts


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    1. Hi John. You didn’t include a link to your image. Would you mind adding one.
      Your right that its Chapel Stile. I think I called it Steeple in another response. I knew it was connected to something church like.
      I actually shot this from the ridge above Loughrigg Tarn which might give you some idea of how far away I was. It was handheld with the EM5 – Amazing camera.

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