New Topaz Texture Effects

Olympus EM5 with post processing in Topaz Texture Effects
Olympus EM5 with post processing in Topaz Texture Effects


Sony A7r with post processing in Topaz Texture Effects
Sony A7r with post processing in Topaz Texture Effects

Have you seen the new Topaz Texture Effects yet?

This is a new plugin from Topaz that allows you to blend textures with your images as well as add many more effects. I’m having quite a bit of fun playing around with it as you can see from the images above. The effects are quite similar to those produced with Nik Analog Efex which I love, but I am already preferring the Topaz program. I think it helps photographers move their work from traditional photography to photographic art.

As you all know, I like to be lightweight in everything I do and not just camera equipment. Well this program really helps. Previously you needed to do a lot of editing with Layers in Photoshop to achieve results like you can with Texture Effects. This is a real time saver and I can think of lots of applications, particularly in creating those retro styled images that have become so popular recently.

If you are interested in trying out program there is a link below. You can download the trial version or take advantage of the introductory discount which is on offer until the 20th November.

Link to Topaz

My first thoughts

The first thing that struck me on starting the program is the interface has been redesigned and is now clean and modern. Whilst this is a new program from Topaz, they have improved their existing interface designs. The usual features such as the presets browser are all still there. This makes me wonder if they will be changing some of their other plug-ins to move to the new design. I hope so as it’s very easy to use and navigate.

Once your image opens in Texture Effects you can select from a large number of predefined effects on the right. You can see an example below.

Interface 1

As well as the predefined effects that ship with program you can also create your own as well as share effects with other Topaz users. This is very handy given the huge range of effects that can be created. Once you have selected a preset you can make further adjustments to the settings. You can see this in the screenshot below where the Basic adjustments are being tweaked.

Interface 2

Whilst the plug-in is called Texture effects it provides much more adjustment than just being able to add Textures. Possible adjustments include:

  • Basic Adjustment to exposure, saturation, temperature etc.
  • Blend Textures into the image
  • Add simulated Light Leaks
  • Split Tone your image
  • Add areas of Diffusion
  • Add an Edge Blur effect
  • There’s also Film Grain simulation, Double exposure, Borders, Colour Overlay effects as well as the ability to add Dust and Scratches to age the image.

You can see some of these options being added in the screenshot below.

Interface 3

It’s also worth pointing out that you can add an effect more than once. For example you might want to add a couple of different light leak effects to the same image – no problem.

The program ships with a lot of textures, overlays and effects and it looks like you will be able to download more in the future. In addition to those supplied you can import textures, light leaks, dust and scratch effects that you have purchased from other sites. You can see an example of texture manager for Light Leaks below.

Interface 6

The overall effect can be blended into your image using a global mask or you can select areas of the image to mask out the effects from. You can see an example below.

Interface 5

In addition to the Global Mask tool, each of the effects also has its own individual mask that you can use to control the individual effect and how its applied to the image. What I really liked in the mask though is that Topaz has introduced a spot adjustment tool in addition to their traditional brush masking tools. The spot tool reminds me a little of the Control Points used by Nik.

I think this is a great package, even without the current introductory discount. Topaz have really thought this one though and produced a winner.

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