Friday Image No.73

Lulworth Cove, Dorset. Sony A7r + 16-35mm Canon L lens. ISO50, f/14, 0.6" exposure. 0.6ND grad and polariser.
Lulworth Cove, Dorset. Sony A7r + 16-35mm Canon L lens. ISO50, f/14, 0.6″ exposure. 0.6ND grad and polariser filters.

First I must start with an apology to anyone who has been trying to contact me over the past couple of weeks. I decided to take a break and have been away in Dorset. One of the problems with this area is that the internet and telephone coverage is poor which made responding to people very difficult.

The weather was terrible but I did manage to capture a few new shots such as this one. My new Sony A7r and Canon lenses had a bit of an outing but I ended up reverting to the Olympus EM5 much of the time. The micro 43 equipment is just so handy to throw in a small shoulder bag that I tend to take it with me on most occasions. It’s only when I am going out specifically for photography that I bother with the Sony. That said, the combination of the Sony and Canon lenses produces fantastic quality and is so easy to use.

Anyway, I’m now back and catching up with emails and all the rest of the work. If I haven’t replied to your email I will do soon.

Have a great weekend everyone.

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