Friday image No.036


Isn’t it strange how your taste in photography seems to change. I shot this image just over three years ago. I recall considering this a poor trip at the time as I didn’t really come back with any “high octane” dramatic shots. What I did get was quite a lot of nice, tranquil scenes which I relegated to a folder on my hard drive and promptly forgot about.

Last week I was clearing out some images in order to start work on my new website (coming soon). That’s when I saw this image and wondered why I hadn’t bothered very much with it. Now that I look at it, I really like the scene and the colours.

I hope you like it and have a great weekend.

8 thoughts on “Friday image No.036

  1. Robin,

    Can you give us a hint of the camera settings used in this tranquil scene? Perhaps you would consider including these on future images?
    I would find that so educational!


    1. Hi Steve,
      Sure I can share the settings. Focal length was 80mm as I wanted to crop in on the area of the sea. Aperture was f/18 as I was trying to control the shutter speed so that I could capture the curl of the wave as hit hit the beach. Shutter speed was 2.6 seconds. To be honest with a shot lik this the shutter speed is the key as you need to get the movement of the water looking right. I just play around with the aperture and ND filters until I achieve the look I wanted. Sorry, nothing more scientific than that.

      I can certainly share setting in the future but I tend to forget to add them as to me they are not that important other than as a means to create a look for an image e.g. slow shutter or depth of field. If I forget feel free to ask and I will happily share.

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