Friday Image No.143

It’s been said that a picture paints a thousand words. Sometimes though I think it’s enough not to say anything. Just empty your mind and let it drift on a sea of nothing and marvel at the expanse before you. That’s enough rambling for a Friday evening. The weeks work is over and I can … Continue reading Friday Image No.143

Friday Image No.126

I seem to say it every Friday, but this week has again been packed. One day I will finally catch up with myself (I hope). Probably the best thing to have happen was being able to track down the issue with my Fuji telephoto lens and realising it was caused by my ND Grad filters. … Continue reading Friday Image No.126

Friday image No.041

I did wonder whether to post this shot or not. If you look hard at the image you find it feels cluttered. It isn't a great composition (because there wasn't much to compose). It's also a grab shot. You see I shot this whilst spending ages fighting with the Nikon D800 on a tripod. I … Continue reading Friday image No.041

Friday image No.036

Isn't it strange how your taste in photography seems to change. I shot this image just over three years ago. I recall considering this a poor trip at the time as I didn't really come back with any "high octane" dramatic shots. What I did get was quite a lot of nice, tranquil scenes which … Continue reading Friday image No.036

Beautiful Evening Light in Whitby

I don't know about you but my photo storage is a bit of a mess. I do like to keep each shoot in a separate dated folder and then import these to Lightroom. But sometimes something goes wrong. A few months back I suffered a Lightroom Catalogue crash and I lost a lot of work. … Continue reading Beautiful Evening Light in Whitby

Friday image No.030

Sometimes I'm guilty of trying to create images with too much drama. I need to remind myself that simple can be beautiful and not every image needs a sunset. The was shot in the early afternoon, just off the point at the Lizard in Cornwall. Please don't ask where the pink atmospherics came from, I … Continue reading Friday image No.030

Friday image No.025

Another image with a sea theme. This was from my trip a few weeks back to the Lake District. On the way I had a stroll up Black Combe from which you can see the largest offshore wind farm in the world (at least that's what it said on the BBC news). If you look … Continue reading Friday image No.025

Friday image No.024

This week's Friday image is another from my recent holiday. I call this one Blue Haze but not for obvious reasons. I just happened to be stood looking out to sea, admiring the view and thinking the house I was outside had a priceless view (this one). The name of the house? You guessed it, … Continue reading Friday image No.024

Friday Image No. 023

After a short break last week I wanted to share a new Friday Image. This was taken just over a week ago in Cornwall. We went down to St Ives which is a lovely Cornish village if you have never had the opportunity to visit. The light there is amazing and some of the atmospheric … Continue reading Friday Image No. 023

Quality costs but it also pays

Looking back some 3 to 4 years, I was a devoted user of Lee Filters although they were far from perfect. I didn’t think the quality was great and I can point to examples of colour shifts in my work. When I moved to Micro 43 I found the Lee 100mm filters were too large … Continue reading Quality costs but it also pays