Playing Around

Olympus EM5, 9-18mm lens, 8 stop ND filter and post processing in Nik Analog Efex. Click the image to see a larger version.
Olympus EM5, 9-18mm lens, 8 stop ND filter and post processing in Nik Analog Efex. Click the image to see a larger version.

I have just been playing around with some of my images from the trip to Filey at the weekend. Here is another of the images shot from Filey Brigg. The Brigg is a huge lump of rock extending out into the sea. It’s quite dark, moody and dare I say it, difficult to photograph.

This particular image was shot with an 8 stop graduated filter which gave a 4 second exposure at f/7.1.

I quite like the resulting image but I decided to play around some more with Nik Analog Efex Pro which is where the corroded effect/moody texture comes from. I can’t make up my mind if I like it or not now but thought I would share it.

Sometimes photography is about experimenting.

If you don’t experiment you don’t learn.

If you don’t learn you don’t grow.

If you don’t grow you will never be great.

4 thoughts on “Playing Around

  1. Hi: Sorry for bothering you with a question. I am interested in a small (four thirds) camera. Which one do you recommend me to buy?

    Thanks a lot!

    Kind regards.

    Raul Gonzalez Ayala

    1. No problem at all, but you don’t mention your budget. The latest Panasonic and Olympus cameras are pretty evenly matched at the moment. I use the Olympus EM5 which I think is super but the newer EM10 looks to be excellent value. I used to use a Panasonic GX1 which was good but not as good as the EM5. I also have a Panasonic GM1 on order and on paper it looks like it will be excellent. As with all cameras the lenses are very important. I have quite a few for the Micro 43 cameras but the best I have found are Olympus 9-18, Panasonic 14-45, Panasonic 45-150 in terms of performance and value for money. If you like prime lenses the Panasonic 14mm is good and the Olympus 45mm is excellent. I have the new Olympus 25mm on order but can’t yet comment on it. If you need a macro lens the Olympus 60mm is superb.

      Hope this gives you some ideas but feel free to ask any questions.

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