Its Weekend Again

Elterwater, The Lake District
Elterwater, The Lake District

I think I will try to make it a habit to to share an image for the weekend on Fridays. That probably means I will fail dismally after this one, as my commitments often keep me from sticking to a schedule.

Let’s start with this image though. I shot this a couple of weeks back on a trip to the Lake District. At the time we had hoped for much more as the weather had been beautiful and we thought there would be some cloud to give a sunset. The weather was also perfect for mist to rise from the river (as it often does at this time of year).

In the end the cloud vanished. There was no sunset to speak of and the mist was very wispy. Even more annoyingly was the condensation forming on my filters constantly caused by the sudden drop in temperature once the sun had set.

The mist you see on the image here is the result of my cleaning my filter at the top and bottom so that I left a misty strip along the centre. I then lined it up on so that it appeared to hang over the water. It’s old tech but it worked

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