Something Was Missing

GX1 Infrared image with Olympus 9-18 lens
GX1 Infrared image with Olympus 9-18 lens

Not a lengthy discussion this time as I have such a backlog of work and more importantly things I want to experiment with. I thought however that I would share the above image with you. This is Dunstanburgh Castle in Northumberland.

I took the shot on the GX1 I had converted to Infrared and used an Olympus 9-18 lens. I processed the image into the familiar black and white from RAW, using SilkyPix (more on that in a future blog). Initially however it looked to be lacking something. I couldn’t put my finger on the problem but the image just didn’t have appeal.

It was then I realised a problem with digital IR. It doesn’t have either the grain or the glow of the traditional infrared films which is in fact for me a large part of the appeal from IR images. My solution was to add a new layer to the image in Photoshop and then add a glow to this with a filter. A mask was then used to restrict the glow to the lightest parts of the image.

Hope you like the results

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