RX100 Processing Error – Oops

Another very deatailed scene captured with the RX100. Fine details have been well rendered but its easy to push things too far
Another very deatailed scene captured with the RX100. Fine details have been well rendered but its easy to push things too far

In my earlier posting about my experiences with the Sony RX100 I mentioned that the results were very sharp and that when printed looked almost unreal. Well, I have a confession to make in that the error was mine it appears.

In the past I have used a number of RAW converters and I often returning to these to see how various images are processed. Lightroom is my all round favourite and where I do most of my RAW conversion. Previously I have used Capture One Express. When I created the image in question I thought the conversion had been done with Lightroom but it turns out I had actually converted the image with Capture One, saving it to be examined against the Lightroom version.

I can only think that I have either imported it in error or the auto importer in Lightroom has pulled it in. Either way, I then did my conversion to Black and White with Silver Efex but had picked up the wrong file.

Since I discovered this I have reprocessed the file, making the conversion from RAW in Lightroom. The results when printed are still very detailed but look much more natural. This was one of the reasons I switched from Capture One to Lightroom as I liked the natural appearance of Lightroom. Additionally I found the Phase One converter, whilst producing excellent colour and detail, also looked a little course when zoomed in at 200% or above. It was as if the converter had overemphasised dark pixels or even introduced some. Whatever the cause I didn’t like it and switched to Lightroom.

So what of the RX100? I remain convinced that this is an amazing compact camera. The images produced are very sharp and very detailed. When I get some more time in the future I will look at publishing a comparison of images using different RAW converters.

2 thoughts on “RX100 Processing Error – Oops

  1. I can’t get into Lightroom or photoshop. I have both and I’ll use them sometimes for spot fixing but mainly I just use the Nikon software and/or FX Photo Studio. I reckon I should try to use those two more often. I need some help. Care to tutor? 🙂
    I find articles such as this very informative and helpful. I’ll be back to read more. Thanks.

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