Last of the Snow (for now)

RX100 being put through its paces in the hills near my house
RX100 being put through its paces in the hills near my house

Well the snow came as predicted but in nowhere near the volume warned by the ever panicky media. Where I live in Saddleworth the snow can really pile up and I have known the road across the moor to be closed for months with snow drifts deep enough to cover cars and vans. The 4-6 inches that fell at the weekend seemed more of a minor inconvenience than the predicted disaster.

Saturday then I took the opportunity to get out for a walk over our local hills and pocketed the Sony RX100. As the weather was cold and I was wearing gloves I thought this would be a good test of the new “Half Case” I had bought to give me a neck strap for the camera (something that is missing for the box when you buy an RX100) and to help with gripping the camera.

I had looked at quite a few camera cases before I decided to purchase the genuine Sony accessory. I have to report that despite being what I consider to be overpriced for a leather case, it is excellent quality. It isn’t too bulky even with the top half of the case attached. The press-studs attaching the top half of the case to the bottom are strong and well placed. The neck strap is thick, strong and well attached. The camera fits snugly in the lower half case and there is sufficient dept to the case to then attach this to a tripod mount. This solves the problem that the adjustment ring around the cameras lens can’t normally be used on a tripod as it is flush against the tripod mounting plate. All in all I am impressed with the quality and ease of use.

The image you see here was one of those I captured at the weekend (the snow was gone the next morning).

I shot this using the 16:9 format in RAW. When I opened the RAW file in Lightroom I was surprised to find the image was full sized but had a crop in place to make it 16:9, but I could adjust this. Selecting the 16:9 therefore just helps with composition by adjusting the rear screen of the camera. This is a different approach to the LX5 which actually changes the dimensions of the RAW file. I am not sure how the other format options are interpreted for the Sony but I will check when I have time.

The post capture processing for this image was performed using Lightroom and Viveza 2. I hope you like it.

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