Friday Image No. 64

Olympus EM5, f/6.3, 35 seconds per image, 4 images blended in Lightroom to give the panoramic. Post production with Nik and Alien Skin Exposure 7
Olympus EM5, f/6.3, 35 seconds per image, 4 images blended in Lightroom to give the panoramic. Post production with Nik and Alien Skin Exposure 7. Click the image to enlarge.

It’s another waterfall image this week I’m afraid. This is one of the falls at Keld in the Yorkshire Dales. The weather wasn’t too kind but it doesn’t usually matter when shooting waterfalls or forests. In fact I like the wet weather for this type of scene as it makes the foliage glow with colour. Much better than the contrasty scene a bright sunny day would create.

Hope you like the image and have a great weekend.

11 thoughts on “Friday Image No. 64

  1. Hi very nice image. I just shot some waterfall shots at Diana’s Bath in North Conway NH USA. Unfortunately I took the “bath” literally and fell in! Luckily I had my water sealed lens on my water sealed Fuji XT1. The camera did not go under. Beware the rocks are slippery! The water flow was not great more of a trickle here and there. It would be nice to have strong flow that you experienced. You are right once the sun kicked in the high contrast made wide images difficult — the focus was for shots in the remaining shadows. Best on a cloudy day so the exposure is evened out. Thank you for all of your posts. Lou.

    1. Please to hear that your camera survived. That would have been a dreadful end to it. If you had been carying a large, heavy DSLR then you might have found it a little harder to keep out of the water (I’m biased though).

  2. Hi Robin

    Great image. How do you get that lovely brown colour in your water flows? Is that the Alien Skin Exposure 7?

    1. Thanks. I’m surprised that you like the brown in the water. I actually tried to tone it down. The brown is caused by peat in the water running off the moors. I used Alien Skin to simulate slide film. It tends to make images very crisp and clear whilst creating some lovely looks.

      1. OK thanks for that. Yes I do like it because I think it makes these photos stand out from the normal creamy white we always see. But as with all photos it’s subjective isn’t it. I already use Nik (& have read all your books on it – great books, thank you) – do you think Alien Skin brings significantly more to the party, as at $149 it’s a pretty significant investment?

      2. Personally I really like Alien Skin and find that it adds something. I tend to use it in combination with Viveza. These things always tend to be a personal choice and it is a lot of money to spend on additional software. Why not download and try out the trial version.

      3. I’ll do that Robin, thanks. I’m assuming it’s mainly Exposure 7 you use?

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