Friday image No.030

Olympus EM5 with Panasonic 45-150mm lens.
Olympus EM5 with Panasonic 45-150mm lens.

Sometimes I’m guilty of trying to create images with too much drama. I need to remind myself that simple can be beautiful and not every image needs a sunset.

The was shot in the early afternoon, just off the point at the Lizard in Cornwall. Please don’t ask where the pink atmospherics came from, I have no idea. But I’m very pleased they are there. I now want another holiday.

Have a great weekend everyone.

4 thoughts on “Friday image No.030

  1. I think it has something to do with Rayleigh Scattering and light interaction with particles. But I could be wrong! :-).

    Lovely shot though and probably one I’d have taken hours trying to get with a multitude of exposure options and filter choices!

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