Infrared Simulation Using Nik

I have seen many articles and videos over the years suggesting ways to create infrared simulations using regular colour photographs. Most of these fall short, possibly because the authors don’t appreciate the true characteristics of infrared. One example I read simply suggested using the channel mixer in Photoshop and using it to turn a blue … Continue reading Infrared Simulation Using Nik

Friday Image No.115

It’s another tree in Infrared. Sometimes, when the light is right, shooting infrared becomes addictive. It’s hard, actually very hard to put the camera down. And so, it was when I visited the Lake District at the start of November. As a result, you will need to suffer more infrared images. I do hope you … Continue reading Friday Image No.115

Friday Image No.114

This week I would like to share another infrared image. This was captured using an Olympus EM5 which I had converted to shoot Infrared. It was shot in the Lake District at a location called Place Fell and it’s the first time I have been thee. I intend to return in the future as I … Continue reading Friday Image No.114

Infrared Processing

A few people have written me recently asking about how to process Infrared images and how I go about processing mine. If you’re interested, I created a short tutorial and accompanying video which are posted on Lenscraft. These explain how the image above was processed. Enjoy

Hidden Gems

Yesterday I finally decided to sell my Panasonic GX1 that’s been converted to shoot infrared. The cameras been sat in a bag since I had the EM5 converted and whilst I thought it would be a good backup, I need the money for a new project (more on that in the future). Whilst advertising it … Continue reading Hidden Gems

Friday Image No. 51

This weeks image is another from my walk on Monday where the weather was perfect for Infrared. The image was shot with the EM5 Infrared converted camera. Processing was then caried out using Nik Color Efex, Silver Efex Pro, Analog Efex and then back into Color Efex. It was a bit of an experimentation in … Continue reading Friday Image No. 51

The Weather for Infrared

If you live in the UK and enjoy Landscape Photography you will have noticed that the light is growing more harsh and the time of day for shooting great Landscapes is becoming more restricted. At this time of year you often find yourself need to be shooting landscapes at either end of the day or … Continue reading The Weather for Infrared