I Love the Canon G16

I have been using the G16 pocket Camera quite a lot recently and the more I use it the more I like it. I find the build good and the image quality very good. It’s easy to use and whilst it doesn’t shine in any one area it’s a great, well balanced package that’s a … Continue reading I Love the Canon G16

Friday image No. 58

Recently I have begun the task (albeit slowly) of cleaning up my Lightroom Catalogues. I have loads of rubbish in there and all these images are beginning to weigh on my conscience. Some people do this clean up activity almost as soon as they have downloaded the images to their computer but this doesn’t seem … Continue reading Friday image No. 58

Back to Photography

Following the traumas of the weekend and my Lenscraft website crash, Monday saw me get back to photography. Well talking about photography at least. I was over at the South Manchester Photographic Society giving a presentation on Lightweight Photography and the benefits of using small cameras The talk went well and seemed to generate a … Continue reading Back to Photography