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I Love the Canon G16

Whitby Pier
Whitby Pier. Canon G16, ISO80, f/4.5, 1/500″. Black and white conversion in Nik Silver Efex Pro.

I have been using the G16 pocket Camera quite a lot recently and the more I use it the more I like it. I find the build good and the image quality very good. It’s easy to use and whilst it doesn’t shine in any one area it’s a great, well balanced package that’s a joy to use.

In fact, I like this camera so much I am going to sell it.

The reason is that I have been enjoying using it so much that I couldn’t resist buying a Canon G7X. The G7X is pretty much the same body except that it has an articulated screen which is something I really wanted on the G16. The other major difference is that the G7X has a 1” sensor and is 20Mpixels.

When I saw the discounted price on Amazon (reduced to £350) I couldn’t resist. I do hope it handles as well as the G16.

Friday image No. 58

Three image stich of Helm Crag with approaching snow storm. Canon G16.
Three image stich of Helm Crag with approaching snow storm. Canon G16.

Recently I have begun the task (albeit slowly) of cleaning up my Lightroom Catalogues. I have loads of rubbish in there and all these images are beginning to weigh on my conscience. Some people do this clean up activity almost as soon as they have downloaded the images to their computer but this doesn’t seem to work for me. I find I need some space between the shoot and the review, in fact I often find I need 6 months before I can appreciate some of the images.

If I try to do this exercise too soon I find that I delete images that have a subtle appeal and quite often grow on you. I also find that I keep the images that are high impact, which are the ones I frequently tire of quickly.

I’m currently working through my Canon G16 files from a shoot on Helm Crag that I did in winter. I’m now finding that I really like some of the images that I shot including this one. I’m also finding that the new Photo Merge feature in Lightroom CC a real bonus as it’s encouraging me to group each series of Panorama images into Stacks. I can then quickly produce a merged Panorama and include it with the Stack. It’s really helping my review process.

I hope you like the image and have a great weekend.

Back to Photography

Canon G16 compact camera. It's great to have a quality pocket camera. You never know when opportunities present themselves.
Canon G16 compact camera. It’s great to have a quality pocket camera. You never know when opportunities present themselves.

Following the traumas of the weekend and my Lenscraft website crash, Monday saw me get back to photography. Well talking about photography at least. I was over at the South Manchester Photographic Society giving a presentation on Lightweight Photography and the benefits of using small cameras

The talk went well and seemed to generate a lot of interest from members. My usual test of picking out the Nikon D800 image from two A2 prints (the other was shot on an Olympus EM5) was as inconclusive as ever – no one has ever been able to pick the D800 with a valid reason. But what really stood out for me is the reviews of the prints after the talk. People were genuinely shocked at how good the image quality was from compact cameras when printed at A3, A3+ or even A2. People still don’t view high quality compact cameras as a serious camera with which to create high quality photography.

Providing the tools are good enough a craftsman can work with them. Once the tools achieve the right level, you can produce a masterpiece with them. Improving the tools doesn’t make the masterpiece any better, it just makes the tools easier to work with. Let’s not forget this.