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Canon G16 compact camera. It's great to have a quality pocket camera. You never know when opportunities present themselves.
Canon G16 compact camera. It’s great to have a quality pocket camera. You never know when opportunities present themselves.

Following the traumas of the weekend and my Lenscraft website crash, Monday saw me get back to photography. Well talking about photography at least. I was over at the South Manchester Photographic Society giving a presentation on Lightweight Photography and the benefits of using small cameras

The talk went well and seemed to generate a lot of interest from members. My usual test of picking out the Nikon D800 image from two A2 prints (the other was shot on an Olympus EM5) was as inconclusive as ever – no one has ever been able to pick the D800 with a valid reason. But what really stood out for me is the reviews of the prints after the talk. People were genuinely shocked at how good the image quality was from compact cameras when printed at A3, A3+ or even A2. People still don’t view high quality compact cameras as a serious camera with which to create high quality photography.

Providing the tools are good enough a craftsman can work with them. Once the tools achieve the right level, you can produce a masterpiece with them. Improving the tools doesn’t make the masterpiece any better, it just makes the tools easier to work with. Let’s not forget this.

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  1. Thanks, Robin. I have a Canon 5D MkIII (which I love) but bought a G16 as my walk-around camera last year, the prompt being that my wife and I were going on holiday to Germany and would be travelling on trains much of the time. The G16 has not disappointed me at all – the viewfinder is rudimentary but I find much to my surprise that the back screen (generous on the G16) is a great compositional tool in its own right. Terrific little camera.

  2. Armchair photographers on various forums like to argue that a D800 is so much better, even for A2 prints. Your real-world exercise puts the lie to this silliness. I’ve made exhibition-quality prints at 16″x24″ from 10MP LX5 RAW files. Once Micro Four Thirds image quality equalled that of an $8000 Canon 1Ds Mark II, I switched and haven’t looked back. My next “compact” camera will be a Panasonic GM5 with itty-bitty 12-32 & 35-100 lenses.

    1. Like you, my primary camera is 5D3, but I love the idea of being able to travel lightweight at times. I did consider buying into a 4/3 system, but didn’t want to involve myself in building up another multi lens kit. As I’m pretty much a Canon man I eventually chose the G16 and have been impressed with it, for the purposes for which I use it.

      As you say the the viewfinder is rudimentary and a bit of a disappointment. However, since adding the filter adaptor, it is all but unusable anyway. I now rely on the screen, which is pretty good. As you say, a terrific little camera which also feels well built.

      1. Yes, the viewfinder on the G16 is especially hopeless with the filter adaptor in place! Not in the least disappointed with the performance of the camera though.

    2. Thanks for the confirmation of my thoughts and experience. It’s always good to see someone else agree. The GM5 and lenses you mention are excellent. I have the GM1 with both of these lenses and the performance has to be experienced to be believed. The 12-32 is slightly soft in the corners until stopped down a little but it’s much better than most DSLR lenses in the corners.

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