Back to Urban Photography in Liverpool

Following a chest infection a few weeks ago, I haven’t been doing any photography. The last time I ventured out was to Liverpool with my newly acquired XT5. After that trip, I shared a shot taken inside the Cathedral.

This time I want to share a simple scene of a car park.

The regularity of the patterns and the graphic shapes were what caught my attention. This is also helped by the light reflecting off a nearby building.

I shot this image handheld using the Fuji XT5 and a Fuji 16-80 lens at 46mm. The exposure was 1/10” at f/10.0 and ISO125. Whilst I was metering in Aperture Priority so that the camera would determine the shutter speed, I had to reduce the exposure compensation dial by 1-stop. That’s because the dark building was fooling the camera into using a longer exposure to lighten the scene.

When it came to the editing, I first processed the RAW file using DxO PureRAW 3. You can read my review and watch the review video on my Lenscraft website.

Having processed the RAW file to a DNG format image in PureRAW 3, I was able to process it in Lightroom. There, I needed to correct for distortion because I had the camera tilted. I recognised that I would need to do this at the time I shot the image and so left space around the edge of the frame.

I made these corrections in Lightroom using the controls I describe in this Converging Verticals tutorial. It’s a different image but the same process. It’s also possible to apply the same corrections using DxO ViewPoint or Nik Perspective Efex as I explain in this tutorial.

I then applied a contrast adjustment using the Dynamic Contrast slider in the Pro Contrast Filter. Additionally, the Darken/Lighten Centre filter was used to apply a vignette effect around the edge of the frame.

Finally, I added a Dodge layer in Photoshop to highlight the reflection on the steelwork running along the stairs.

I hope you like the image and have a great weekend.

4 thoughts on “Back to Urban Photography in Liverpool

  1. Interesting image, Robin, I like it! May I ask why you used f:10 and 1/10 of a second exposure? It seems to me that this image did not require a massive depth of field, and using a larger aperture you could have gained some speed, which for a hand-held photo is always a bonus. Perhaps your new camera has a powerful ibis?

    1. I used F/10.0 because I’ve found the corners of the Fuji 16-80 lens suffer if I don’t stop the lens down. I also wasn’t bothered about camera shake because so far the XT5 seems superb when it comes to IBIS, especially with this lens.

  2. A very strong and interesting image Robin, which I like very much because of it’s graphic nature.

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