I Bought a New Fuji XT5 Camera

Last week I took a chance and bought a new Fuji XT5 camera.

This is a replacement for my rather well used Fuji XT3. The XT3 has developed several niggles over the past year and has misbehaved on more than one occasion. To give you an example, it did a complete factory reset whilst I was in the middle of a shoot. Trying to set up a camera again in fading light isn’t recommended.

Anyway, after purchasing the XT5, I was keen to test it. I haven’t been well for the past two weeks. But I still managed to convince myself that I was well enough on Saturday to try it out in Liverpool. That was a big mistake that I’m still trying to recover from. I did however take a few shots that I’m happy with, like this one from inside one of the chapels in Liverpool Cathedral.

This was shot with the Fuji XT5 using a Fuji 14mm prime lens. It’s handheld at 1/15” with an aperture of f/5.6 and ISO1600. I then processed the RAW file using DxO PureRAW. I’m extremely pleased and impressed by the camera and results.

The reason that I originally held off buying the XT5 is that I had seen reports of some lenses (particularly the Fuji 10-24) being soft when used with the camera. I haven’t found this UNLESS I try to process the RAW file with Lightroom. When I use a different RAW converter, I’m pleased to say that the results are excellent.

One of the features I was keen to use was the in body stabilisation of the XT5. I have a large collection of prime lenses for the fuji which aren’t stabilised. The in body stabilisation of the XT5 works well with these and I found myself shooting sharp images handheld at 0.5 second and slower.

The ergonomics of the camera are also excellent. Whilst it looks and handles a lot like my XT3, there are minor differences that make it feel better in my hands. I’m now looking forward to feeling sufficiently well to get out and shoot some landscapes with the XT5.

I hope you like the image and have a great weekend.

10 thoughts on “I Bought a New Fuji XT5 Camera

  1. “I hate you” (read, I’m quite quite jealous)
    I *think* this come pretty close to my ideal camera. Love my X100T, just think
    the XT5 goes that much further.

  2. Robin, so sorry to hear about your health issues but most interested to hear how you like the new X-T5. I have the X-Pro3 and will wait to see if Fuji offers an X-Pro4 with the larger sensor & maybe stabilized as well. I’m not sure I need the former but like you I use primes with it so would benefit from the latter. Jed

    1. I’m certainly impressed by the XT5. The larger file size may have some advantages at times but I also had to invest in some larger memory cards because of it. What I didn’t mention in the article is that I also like the way the sensor handles the extremes of the dynamic range. It produces very natural results.

  3. My first digital cameras were Fuji, a point and shoot and then a bridge version. So long ago I can’t even remember what the model was but I was always impressed with the quality and naturalness of the images. I knew nothing about RAW, post processing back then. When I was able to afford it I bought into Canon with a 5D and a couple of ‘L’ series lenses. Loved it but was disappointed with the jpeg quality compared to the Fuji. Then I discovered RAW and processing… what a difference. However it always bugged me (although I do enjoy it) that you had to process just to get a look that compared with the Fuji’s and a decent iPhone. An 8 I think it was at the time. Realised as I learnt more that the algorithm’s used depended on the manufacturer and have always considered Canons inferior. I’d invested too much to change system so stuck with it, but seeing this interior shot I’m blown away. It has been processed I know but 1600 ISO you say, I get noise in the shadows at 400!! That even as a small web image looks stunning, I’m tempted!

    1. I was just going to reply to say don’t be too hasty. The XT5 is OK noise-wise but certainly not clean at ISO1600. It’s the DxO PureRAW that makes the difference. I know that it will do a great job of processing Canon RAW files shot with L Series lenses. Do try it.

      1. Definitely will before I do anything hasty. My wife is Canon as well so we share all the lenses (11) at last count!) so don’t think she’d be so keen anyway!

  4. Hello Robin,
    I have seen a lot of very good comment on the X-H2. Did you consider that body as well?

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