The Only Problem Now is User Error

I’ve spent this past week on a break in Suffolk. It’s given me time to clear my head and try out the new Fuji XT5. I visited a few of the popular coastal towns but also called in at Norwich Cathedral. If you haven’t been before, it’s a great Cathedral and well worth a visit.

Here’s one of the shots that I took with the Fuji XT5 and Fuji 14mm prime.

Norwich Cathedral, Fuji XT5 and Fuji 14mm prime.

This is a handheld shot at 1/4”, f/8.0 and ISO1600. The RAW files was then processed to a DNG using DxO PureRAW 3. Then in Lightroom I applied the Fuji Pro Contrast colour profile and added a little clarity to thedark wood to help give it more definition. Finally, I added a glow to the highlights to make them blow out using Nik Color Efex Pro from the Nik Collection.

The body stabilisation is on this camera is excellent so shooting at 1/4” handheld wasn’t a problem. Something else that I’ve noticed on the XT5 are the colours. My XT3 had tended to be too pink but the XT5 feels very neutral and accurate, much like my original XT1.

There is however a problem. I’m finding the XT5 camera is so easy to use that I’m becoming lazy and snap happy. Whilst I was shooting at the Cathedral, I was pretty much ignoring my shutter speed. I then began ignoring my aperture and then my focus point. All I was focussed on was the amazing light flooding into the Cathedral and I stopped thinking about the technical aspects of photography.

Now that I’m back home and checking my shots, I’m finding many don’t have enough depth of field. I need to be more careful in future and consider more than just light.

I hope that you like this shot and have a great weekend.

5 thoughts on “The Only Problem Now is User Error

  1. Great shot Robin! Love the tones and textures you’ve managed to obtain in the wood and stonework within the cathedral.

    Can I ask a question please? What made you change/upgrade to Fuji? I ask, because I’m being more drawn to the performance reviews and images shot by Fuji over the last few months. Especially the 120mm models (I wish!!).

    I’m a long-term Canon man. My main camera is the 5D mk4, which I do love despite the weight (as the photo press keeps reminding us), and I intend to keep it. But a few years ago I entered the mirrorless world and bought the Canon M50, which got brilliant reviews at the time. But…it’s got loads of bad points too. Don’t get me wrong it is capable of some great image files sometimes. So, I’ve been thinking of replacing it.

    At first I was leaning towards the Olympus micro 4/3 system, but lately Fuji has been more on my mind. Could it be part nostalgia? I love the retro look, and I was usually a Fuji film and slide man back when I was a young un.

    Did you have similar thoughts when you were switching? What made you make up your mind?

    All the Best Robin. Keep up the great work. I guess I’m one of the silent majority – don’t often say much, but really appreciate what you’re doing!

    Best Regards, Ken Ken Clarke

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    1. Thanks for your comment and support Ken. To try to answer your question…

      It was quite some time ago that I switched to Fuji and it was mainly because I wasn’t impressed by the Micro 43 options at the time. My first Fuji was the XT1 and it was more of an experiment to use alongside my Olympus EM5. I liked it in terms of handling and so I bought the XT2 when that was released and then the XT3. I didn’t bother with the XT4 but opted for a G9 instead (which is an excellent camera) as that looked like an interesting camera, especially the high-resolution mode.

      I initially found the processing of the Fuji XTrans a problem. The images produced by Lightroom were poor and at the time only Capture One and Iridient seemed to make a good job of the RAW files. If you look back a few years on this blog you will find coments about my experience. It’s worth keeping this in mind as Lightroom still doesn’t do justice to the RAW files.

      The Fuji is a great system and I like that each new release is consistent with the previous. They also release a lot of features through firmware. I’m now happy to use either the Fuji or Panasonic G9. The Panasonic is a lot lighter because the lenses are smaller and so are accessories like filters.

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