Sunset Photography on Burbage Edge

Last week, I shared a landscape image that I’d taken from Burbage Edge on the Peak District. I used it to talk about the quality of my Panasonic G9 micro four thirds camera and Leica lenses. But the real reason that I was on Burbage Edge wasn’t to test the quality of the G9. It was to capture the sunset.

I’ve visited Burbage Edge in the past and realise that it’s an ideal sunset location. But the problem I keep having, is that the sun always seems to hit cloud on the horizon, so the sunset never really happens.

This time I was extremely hopeful that I was in for a great sunset. The weather predicted clear skies following a day of rain. That should make for crystal-clear light, and the sun at this time of year would set in an ideal position.

As it turns out, the weather forecast changed, and the clouds rolled in on the horizon. If it had stay clear for just 30 more minutes, it would have been perfect – but that rarely happens. Here’s one of the final images that I shot, just before the sun vanished for the day.

Burbage Edge at sunset, the Peak Disistrict

This is another Panasonic G9 shot using the excellent Leica 8 to 18 lens. The lens is set to 10 mm with a 2 stop soft ND graduated filter attached. The exposure is 1/15 of the second at f/8.0 and ISO200.

The conditions produced a nice image, but they aren’t perfect, so I’m going to continue trying at this location. Also, from the amount of heather I could see, the end of August may be good when the Heather should be flowering.

This Week’s YouTube Video

This week’s YouTube video features another of the images from Burbage Edge, but this time after sunset. It demonstrates how I processed the image to improve it using Lightroom. If you’re interested, watch it now on YouTube. Even if you don’t use Lightroom you may find some of the ideas useful.

I hope you like this week’s image and have a great weekend.

4 thoughts on “Sunset Photography on Burbage Edge

  1. In recent years the heather has been flowering earlier – I would suggest you pencil in mid August to be on the safe side.

    1. Thank you for the tip. Don’t worry, I’m in the area almost daily from mid-August to catch the peak of the flowering. It usually rolls across the region like a wave you can follow. The lower levels come first and then gradually the higher more exposed levels catch up. It’s something that I look forward to every year.

  2. Hey Robin, I share your enthusiasm for the G9 + Leica 20-60. The camera is already 5 years old but still in the top ten. However, the camera is not a lightweight. Some full frame cameras are smaller and lighter. However, the lenses are true lightweights and very good. When I need a real lightweight for street photography and long hikes, I go for the “little sister”, the GX9 + Leica 12-35. I wish you continued such beautiful images from the Peak District. For me, the way to the Mam Tor is unfortunately a bit far. I was last there three years ago. Best regards Jürgen

    Jürgen Blenk LRPS Fasanenring 15 c, 23627 Groß Grönau +491577 4019229 +494509 2415 http://www.500px/blenk

    1. Yes, the G9 is a little larger than I thought when I purchased it. But what I’ve found is that the size and handling are perfect. Yes there are smaller cameras but with a good lens it’s a great and versatile kit.

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