Looking Forward to September

Here we are in mid-July, and I find myself eagerly looking forward to September already.

Since the end of March this year, I’ve been over-committed and stretched in many directions. Unfortunately, I can see the situation continuing until September which is why I’m looking forward to it.

Many of the things taking up my time were initially small tasks and things that I offered to help with. These have now turned into time-consuming, high-effort activities that I can’t drop. Then when unforeseen problems like my car breaking down, I have a problem. It’s one of the reasons that I’ve only been out a couple of times this year with a camera.

As I don’t have any new work to share, I’m back to processing old images like the one below (something that also makes me feel guilty).

Formby Sunset. Fuji XT3 with Fuji 10-24 lens at 17mm.

This was from Formby in December last year. I shot a lot of similar ones at the time but haven’t processed most of them. The reason I chose this one is it has a nice, tranquil feel and could be any time of year.

Last Week’s Image Reprocessed

I also decided to reprocess last week’s image using DxO FilmPack 6.

Cornish Woodland processed using DxO FilmPack 6.

Yes, I finally got around to publishing my FilmPack review which I committed to almost 12 months ago. If you want to hear my thoughts and see how I produced the image above, you can watch it on YouTube.

I hope you like the images and have a great weekend.

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