Fortunate Landscape Photography

This past week I was fortunate enough to make a couple of trips out to photograph the landscape. The first of these which was Monday was perhaps the most rewarding because I didn’t head out with photography in mind. It just kind of happened during the day which is a great reward.

I originally set off with the intention of a 10 mile walk in the Peak District but took a camera along in case I spotted anything I wanted to photograph. This was a good decision as around lunchtime the grey mist hanging over everything began to break up. By the end of the walk, the conditions were like the height of summer, except that the light was soft and subtle.

What I really enjoyed was that I spent the entire day taking photos using only the Panasonic G9 and the Leica 12-60 lens. I didn’t even need to use any filters because the light was so soft.

The Peak District near Upper Derwent Reservoir.

Here’s one image that I shot on the descent from Lost Lad to the main path around Upper Derwent reservoir. It’s a handheld capture with the lens at 12mm and f/9.0 (I changed the aperture by accident from my usual f/7.1). This produced an exposure of 1/160” at ISO200 and the camera felt very enjoyable to work with.

In terms of processing, I converted the RAW file to a DNG file in DxO PhotoLab, applying DeepPRIME and Lens Sharpness at the default setting as well as turning on the Optical Correction. The camera colour profile used is the Panasonic “Cinelike V” which has produced a nice, natural feel. It’s a shame the heather is dead now as I’m sure this was a glorious sight a few weeks ago.

I hope you like the image and have a great weekend.

6 thoughts on “Fortunate Landscape Photography

  1. „Landscape grows on you“ – hm, I am used to landscape with lots of rocks of many different colours and shades of grey (no misunderstandings please). Maybe therefore I liked the image with those nice stones in your post before this one. I like forests too, a nice old tree can fascinate…
    As I already wrote, sometimes in future I plan to visit GB for a lengthy tour. These hilly landscapes with far and wide vistas must be nice to walk and look – we shall see 😊
    Not knowing the plants in the image: Couldn‘t they be painted in brighter red? (No joke, just aquestion)

    1. Some of the UK landscapes can be challenging to photograph, especially in the wrong conditions. But regarding the plants that need to be “painted red” it’s heather which often covers the moors. The reason it appears an odd orange colours is that the flowers have died off. It’s vibrant red/purple for a few weeks of the year and then changes to this colour but the dead flowers remain.

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