Getting my Act Together

This week I managed to get my new car problems sorted out. More importantly I managed to get my act together and venture out with a camera. It was only local, but I met up with a friend on Standedge which is also the location for Britain’s longest canal tunnel.

I visited this same location a few months back, mentioning it in one of my posts. Whilst I walk in the area a lot, that was my first photo trip at sunset and the weather wasn’t too kind. This time the sun was out, and the colour was magical.

Here’s one from just before sunset shooting directly towards the sun.

Magical sunset at Standedge, Saddleworth. Fuji XT3 with Fuji 16-80 lens.

This is typical light in the area. I often look out of my window at sunset and see the ridge glowing an intense red (when it isn’t raining). It’s so nice to be up there when this happens.

I took the shot using my Fuji XT3 with Fuji 16-80 lens at 16mm. I had the camera mounted on a tripod for a 0.5” exposure at f/13.0 and ISO160. It always amazes me how shooting towards the sun can still produce such a long exposure, but I’ve learned to trust the camera. I also used a Kase 3 stop Reverse ND Graduated filter on the sky.

In terms of processing, I converted the RAW file using Capture One Pro, but it didn’t need much work. I did decide to make some additional adjustments using Nik Color Efex Pro but that was to reduce the redness in the scene. The original seemed somehow too intense and looked a little false.

I hope you like the photo and have a great weekend.

11 thoughts on “Getting my Act Together

    1. Hi Graham! Sorry for chiming in, but I would like to know from what you deduced that Robin is a Mac M1 user. Of course, answer from Robin would be appreciated too 😀 Thanks for both aswers in advance!

      1. I just have a vague recollection of that although I might be wrong . If he is using M1 I was going to ask about how he is using Nik ..presumably via Rosetta 2 . I have M1 Imac 16gb and it cannot use ‘extensions’ . Many software houses are evolving their software to meet the new Adobe requirements.

    2. No, I’m using a 4-year-old 27″ iMac, 5-year-old MacBook Pro and 3-Year-old MacBook Air. I’ve heard great things about the M1 chip but a lot of the software companies seem slow to introduce support for M1.

  1. Thank you both, Graham and Robin. I am trying to change from PC to Mac. After approx. 40 years I find it not easy. To use the same system as my wife and because it is so small, for travels I bought a Mac with M1. It is not only small, but light and quick too. The change from Windows is rather a thorny task after so many years.

    1. I bought the M1 Imac 16gb unified 1TB SSD ..I previously had 2015 15inch MacBook Pro . Wanted more ‘real estate ‘ for editing but didn’t want to go to 27 inch

      So far so good ..only ‘issue ‘ is that some extensions don’t work natively although software authors are working to get them to be . Nik doesn’t work natively on M1

      1. Hopefully the software houses will catch up soon. I am waiting to get acquainted with OS, Later, maybe Imac, depends how long my PC does the job. It is pretty old – about 8-9 years, but was cutting edge at that time. I assambled it myself, 64GB ram, SSD, etc. Still doing well, even with high resolution files for stitches etc.
        Wish you well and good light 😊

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