Comparing the Panasonic G9 with the Fuji XT3

Last week I mentioned that I was returning my recently purchased Panasonic G9. I had bought a kit and it turned out the lens that came with the G9 (it was a Leica 12-60) was soft down one side. I’m pleased to say that the replacement kit arrived today, although I haven’t had time to take it out of the box. Fingers crossed this lens is better.

Interestingly, I’ve missed the little G9, probably because I did what I promised to do. I worked through a comparison of its image quality, pitting it against my Fuji XT3. I won’t reveal my findings here but if you head over to my website you can read the whole thing

On the path from Win Hill to Hope Cross in the Peak District. Panasonic G9 with 12-60 lens.

This week’s image is another that I shot using the G9 from a couple of weeks back. It was a very threatening sky, but it was the contrast with the sunlight on the foreground that caught my attention. I’m not sure that I’m entirely happy with the colours but the light at the time was quite unusual.

I shot the scene handheld using the 12-60 lens at 12mm. The exposure is 1/200” at f/8.0 and ISO200. I then did a little work in the Nik Collection and some limited Dodging and Burning.

I hope you like the image and have a great weekend. I need to get back the Affinity Photo book that I’m writing.

6 thoughts on “Comparing the Panasonic G9 with the Fuji XT3

  1. Thank you so so much for the information on your web site .

    Having owned the GX8 ..that I broke and now the Fuji XT3 ..which ,.with its lens I am finding heavy at my age …your comparisons in each category are as I thought they would be .

    So ..because I cannot afford to have 2 cameras I’m left with the decision of I sacrifice a little bit to have lighter equipment . Currently …for what I do with my camera and the resulting images I am swayed to stick with the XT3 . However…I’m also wondering how the Oly OMD EM1 iii would have fared in the comparison. I suspect remarkably similar to the Panny . The G9 has been out a good while now …I wonder what Panny have up their sleeves for the 4/3 format .

    Thanks again for the info ..very much appreciated

    1. Have you considered trying some lighter lenses with the XT3? The 16-80 isn’t too heavy and the quality is quite good. I’ve also had good results with the 18-135 although the wide end can go a little soft in the corners and it’s a little larger. A friend also swears by the 15-45 which is tiny and the 50-230. Just an alternative to consider.

  2. I find the colors in this very satisfying, unless your minor complaint is with the hot highlights just to the right of center. It’s a moody, magic, and memorable landscape and looks so inviting–provided one has adequate hiking footwear.

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