An Old Photo Revisited

This is an old image that I decided to revisit and add to my Redbubble Shop.

The River Twiss, Ingleton in the Yorkshire Dales

I shot it using a Canon 5D MkII (one of the best cameras I’ve owned) with a Canon 17-40L lens. It’s three vertical frames which I’ve stitched together later in Lightroom.

When I looked closely at the image, the quality is good, but the corners were a little soft and some of the details not as sharp as I would have liked. There was also some noise in the sky which processing with the Nik Collection was exaggerating and it was becoming visible at 100% magnification.

Rather than reprocessing the entire image with the latest technology, I decided to run the old image through Topaz DeNoise to fix the sky. Using the Auto option, the noise reduction was extremely low (around 3%) but the sharpening was much higher (at 45%). I didn’t think these settings would work, but the preview looked OK so I thought I would give it a try.

The results were nothing short of amazing. The sky was completely free from noise but best of all, the worrying corner detail was now sharp. I have no idea how they accomplish this but it’s brilliant and I’m now making Topaz DeNoise AI my noise reduction tool of choice. I haven’t yet done a review on Lenscraft, but I will.

Affinity Photo Colour Replacement Brush

Something else that’s impressed me this week is the quality of the Affinity Photo Colour Replacement Brush.

I recently published a video and tutorial explaining three ways to change the colour of an object in Photoshop. One method was the Photoshop Color Replacement Brush and whilst it works, the results aren’t great.

Then this week, I decided it was the turn of the Affinity Photo Colour Replacement Brush. When I came to create the YouTube video, I was expecting a similar level of performance to Photoshop. What a surprise. The Affinity Photo tool is an a completely different league. Not only is it much easier to use but the results are excellent.

You can watch the latest video on YouTube and there’s an accompanying tutorial on my website.

Lenscraft Newsletter

If you’re a subscriber to my Lenscraft Newsletter, the latest edition goes out in the early hours of Saturday 4th July. As always, I’ve tried to include an interesting mix of photography related information from around the internet.

I hope you like this week’s image and have a great weekend.

2 thoughts on “An Old Photo Revisited

  1. Hi Robin,
    I’ve been viewing your posts through a news aggregator, but couldn’t find the comments section. Dummy me. I finally did. So belatedly i’d like to thank you for your writing. I enjoy reading them, and the posts are topics that interest me.

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