The Dreadful Weather Continues

Frosty morning view from Higger Tor in the Peak District. See post for settings.

I don’t know what the weather is where you are, but I hope it’s better than it is here. It’s been raining almost continuously for a couple of weeks now, and the forecast is for more next week. I haven’t been out with the camera since the start of the month and I’m not really in the photographic mood. I only hope I can shake the gloom off soon.

This week’s image is another I shot on my last outing to Higger Tor. It’s from a wider panoramic, but for some reason I can’t seem to get the stitching with the other photos quite right yet. Despite this the single image is quite a nice scene.

It was the distant mist that first caught my attention and so I went in search of an interesting foreground to match it. Although the sun was well above the horizon and the frost melting fast, I found these rocks were still in shadow and covered with frost. I also liked the carving someone had done in one of them.

I used the Fuji X-T3 to capture the image, which I had mounted on my tripod. The lens was the Fuji 16-80 f/4.0 which was set to 16mm. The ISO was set to ISO160 (base ISO) to give a shutter speed of 0.1” at f/14.0. I also used a Kase 3 stop Soft ND Grad on the sky.

I hope you like the image and have a great weekend.

6 thoughts on “The Dreadful Weather Continues

  1. Hi Robin,
    Nice image and really like the cool tones.
    Fully with you on the the weather. It’s a fickle beast. I’m currently on a Hurtigruten boat in a gale force 9 storm. Not exactly the Northern Lights experience I’d hoped for! Still got a few days to go so can keep my fingers crossed.
    Wishing you get more favourable weather soon.

    1. I hope the weather improves for you. I came down from Tromso to Bergen on the Hurtigruten once in similar conditions and one of the stabilisers failed. That was an eventful night. Good luck withthe Northern Lights; it’s worth it.

  2. “There’s no such thing as bad weather, you’re just wearing the wrong clothes!” – old Scottish adage.

    Stop being a wimp and get out there for some close-up/macro work. Raindrops on roses, etc.

    1. Haha! Raindrops on roses. You must live down south. Have you seen Saddleworth Moor in wet weather? The rain’s horizontal.

      1. Wonderful images Robin and excellent information on processing the image. I feel very sorry for the people in the UK that are suffering from being flooded there property has been ruined.

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