And the Next Book is…

Elizabeth Tower example, processed in Photoshop

On Friday, I shared a fairly traditional image of the Elizabeth Tower in London. Some people also know this as Big Ben, although Big Ben is the bell inside the clock-tower. Then over the weekend I was working on my next book (“Mastering Photoshop Masks”) and decided to use the image for one of the worked examples. The image above is the result of the editing example in the book. It demonstrates how you can use masks to create very interesting effects in Photoshop.

I’m expecting to release the book in September and have already finished the first draft. This example used a series of layers and blending techniques, together with a simple mask of the clock-tower. I’m not going to say too much more about how to create the image, you’ll need to wait for the book for that. Anyway, I hope you like it as it shows what can be achieved, quite quickly when using Photoshop. The original looks a little boring now in comparison.

I think I might also work on an Affinity Photo version of the book.

15 thoughts on “And the Next Book is…

  1. Great idea for an Affinity Photo book. Just moved over to that and I’m really impressed.

      1. When I started Photoshop I sometimes felt like I had the most magical painting box ever. Then other times I was like the Sorcerers Apprentice. 😉

  2. Robin,

    Very glad to hear that you are just about done creating your book on masking within PS, & I look forward to getting it when you release it. Also I would support your idea of creating a similar book for Affinity Photo. I have both programs on my Mac computer, & tend to use whichever is both easier to manage & that will give the best result. I tend to think that Photo is better with both much of the time, but I am just not as skilled in it usages. A book from you would be a big help. In fact one of the biggest complaints in the Affinity Photo forum pages is their lack of any manuals or instructive materials other than their videos. So I think a book from you would be well received. Cheers,


  3. I agree – would be very interested in an affinity version.
    Also – why don’t you do a deal with Serif -they could sponsor you to write the book and make it a d/l from their site / bundle it with Affinity like ON1 does?

    1. Good idea. I may well approach them. In the past, lack of time has prevented me doing this as it would be a big commitment. I’m hoping to change some of that before the year is out, but I can’t say much more yet.

  4. I’d also like to see an Affinity version of the book, and maybe Affinity versions of books you’ve already published.

  5. I second Malcolm’s suggestion to try to work something out with Serif, with perhaps a somewhat expanded book, kind of like what you did with the Nine Essential Tools of PS.

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