Friday Image No.127

Grass and dunes at sunset. Fuji X-T2 with 18-55 lens at 44mm. 1/1250" at f4.0, ISO200.
Grass and dunes at sunset. Fuji X-T2 with 18-55 lens at 44mm. 1/1250″ at f4.0, ISO200.

I’m sat here this evening searching my images to find a Friday image to share. As I do so, the overwhelming feeling I have is that all the images are too “in your face”. They are all competing too hard for my attention and as a result none of them hold it.

But with Yin there must be Yang (my Tai Chi teacher would be impressed) and this image has subtly held my attention. I remember at the time the vivid, sunset light falling onto this grass as I walked through the dunes. I decided to make the grass and consequently light the centre of attention. To retain a sense of place I included the sea in the background but deliberately threw it out of focus. You know it’s a beach at sunset but if I didn’t tell you it was Bamburgh, you wouldn’t known.

Ultimately, the more I look at this image, the greater the feeling and sense of place it evokes. That’s very odd for a generic beach scene at sunset. Then again, perhaps it’s because I was there and it doesn’t do anything for you.

Apologies for my ramblings. I hope you have a great weekend.

2 thoughts on “Friday Image No.127

  1. Hello Robin: What a very pleasing image & another example of just how good & sharp the venerable 18-55 lens really is, even when compared to some of Fuji’s newest glass. When I got my X-Pro2 during the Fuji rebates the end of last year, I hoped to be able to get this lens as part of a kit. But unfortunately that combo wasn’t offered, so now I am trying to make up my mind between getting the 18-55 or the newer WR 16-55, albeit for quite a bit more money unless it gets included in another rebate this year. Do you have the new zoom or any thoughts about this issue? Cheers,


    1. I have both the 18-55 and the 16-55. The 18-55 is a great lens but the 16-55 is much sharper (if you have used an 18-55, you won’t believe this until you try the 16-55 for yourself). Having said that, you really need to use it on a tripod unless its in good light or you are prepared to increase the ISO. The lack of IS in this lens does limit its use which is why I also have the 18-55 which is what I tend to use for walking around or any hand held shooting. For me, its more practical than the 16-55 so will be used more frequently. If though I am shooting on a tripod I will always reach for the 16-55. Not sure this will help you make a decision, but I think you will be happy whichever lens you decide on.

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