Hidden Gems

Boat study at Heswall Marina. Panasonic GX1 converted to Infrared. ISO160, 45mm lens, 1/50" at f/10.
Boat study at Heswall Marina. Panasonic GX1 converted to Infrared. ISO160, 45mm lens, 1/50″ at f/10.

Yesterday I finally decided to sell my Panasonic GX1 that’s been converted to shoot infrared. The cameras been sat in a bag since I had the EM5 converted and whilst I thought it would be a good backup, I need the money for a new project (more on that in the future).

Whilst advertising it on eBay I decided to look through my back catalogue for some example images to show what an Infrared conversion can do when processed. I can’t believe how many shots I really like and that I have overlooked. Again, this is an example of distancing yourself from the event of taking the image.

I don’t know why but I particularly like this cluttered shot of the boats at Heswall Marina on the Wirral.

Hope you like it as well.

8 thoughts on “Hidden Gems

  1. I really like this image- it’s a bit cluttered but that adds to the interest. Your eye goes round and lights on this object and then that object holding your interest.

  2. you left them untouched becaused your more interested in equiptment and softwear the the images them selves. Most of the tools for nice images have been available for 5, 6, 7 years but lusting after the “newist and best” is a problem for many of us. Resist it, and go out and shoot.

    1. It’s tempting to think that but it’s not the case. Yes, I do love software and I’m always looking for new cameras to experiment with, but there are three reasons why I left these images untouched: 1) Although I share some shots as soon as I capture them, the bulk of my processing takes place at least 6 months after I have shot the images, I find I can spot the keepers better after such a long delay. 2) These are Digital Infrared which requires a lot of processing effort to bring out the best in the image and I often don’t have the time. 3) Possibly the main reason is that I shoot too much. I have over 250,000 images in my digital catalogue alone and quite a few binder’s worth of negatives as well.

  3. I like this photo a lot, and it has lots of things that I think work well in IR (sky, water, boats). The GX1 is a great IR camera – I know from experience as I have one. Good luck selling your camera. Looking forward to your new project too!

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