Topaz Adjust 40% Discount

Bolivia Volcano sunset. Processed with Topaz Adjust.
Bolivia Volcano sunset. Processed with Topaz Adjust.

I have just received word that Topaz are running a 40% discount on their popular Topaz Adjust software starting 16th July and running through to the end of the month. The discount code for anyone who is interested is JULYADJUST.

This brings the price down to $29.99 which is an absolute bargain if you don’t already have the software. It provides a great set of all round adjustments for the photographer and I have been a long time user. I really like the Topaz policy of upgrades for life and think this is the right way to treat the customer.

I thought I would share the above image which was processed using Adjust. The original image of the volcano, although shot near to sunset was lacking the contrast and colours that I remembered. You can see this below although do keep in mind that the image is exposed to the right.

Bolivia Volcano before adjustment
Bolivia Volcano before adjustment

Happy image editing.

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