Friday Image No. 45

Loughrigg Tarn, The Lake District. Olympus EM5, 12-40mm lens. F/8.0 1/80 second
Loughrigg Tarn, The Lake District. Olympus EM5, 12-40mm lens. F/8.0 1/80 second

In my previous post I mentioned how I had been up to the Lake District with a friend for an early morning shoot. This image was from the end of the day when amazingly the weather was still working in our favour.

I love fog and mist. I think it can transform locations when the conditions and lighting are good. It’s still hard to believe that the conditions we had on this day were so ideal.

Hope you like the picture and have a great weekend everyone.

14 thoughts on “Friday Image No. 45

  1. It is not just a lovely image; no, they are even two lovely images. The Friday Image No.015 and No.015a.
    One from the bottom up to where the land starts and one with the tree and its reflection in the water, both equally wonderful. Now, IMHO, there are two centres of attention.
    I wish we would have this kind of fog in my part of the country as often as you seem to have over there in the UK; here, the coastal areas of the Netherlands, there is nearly always too much wind.

    1. Thank you. I’m pleased you like the image. To be honest, these sorts of conditions are quite rare in the UK also. But when the temperature does drop you can get some wonderful images if you get yourself near to still water.

  2. I agree with Leen two lovely images combined into one, the scene is so peaceful and tranquil.

  3. This excellent image certainly defines the meaning of ‘ethereal’
    Thanks for sharing it with us.

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