Catching Up

Ulswater Sunrise, EM5 + 12-40 lens. ISO200, f/6.3, 2"
Ulswater Sunrise, EM5 + 12-40 lens. ISO200, f/6.3, 2″

Well that’s Christmas and New Year over with, at least for another year. It was great in that I managed to see many of my family, some of whom I don’t get to see that often. On the down side I ended up not achieving much on my ever growing list of work. Current projects that I intended to finish over the period (and didn’t) included:

  • Publish my latest book “Beginning Photography the Right Way”
  • Launch a new set of Lightroom Presets called the “Polaroid Construction Kit” and which as the name suggests allow you to give images a “Polaroid look” in Lightroom.
  • Produce Video Tutorials to support my “Essential Photoshop” book. I have wanted to do this for a long time but only now found software that I’m happy to work with.
  • Finish the new website as there are some areas that need further development.

I did manage to:

  • Publish the quarterly newsletter including a video tutorial
  • Shoot some new material in the Lake District (see above image)
  • Answer all the many emails that came in over the holiday period

I think it’s about time I set myself a strategy and defined some goals for the year or I could find myself busy without achieving anything. Hopefully I can include shooting lots of new material and sharing some video tutorials.

9 thoughts on “Catching Up

  1. I like your photos and ideas.
    I am thinking of switching to Olympus. Is the M1 better or should I wait for the new M5?
    I currently shoot indoor horseshows and out door ranch wildlife.
    I use Canon 1DX;5Diii;7Dii and usually 70-200 f2.8
    In the arena settings are usually 1/320; f2.8; ISO 5000

    Phil Hall

    1. Difficult for me to say as I haven’t yet seen a spec for the M5 but there are lots of rumours.
      Micro 43 is a joy to use but at higher ISO the noise may be more noticeable than the DSLR.
      I would actually wait to see what the new EM5 is like when it’s released. I would also try out the cameras if you can to see how they perform under these conditions. Whilst the Micro 43 may be easier to handle and use creatively, I am worried about the noise at ISO5000.

      Pleased you like my photography.

  2. Robin,

    Enjoying your blog and your photographs. I notice you seem to be using the 12-40 mostly these days. Have you abandoned the 9-18 in favour of image quality?



    1. No, I still use the 9-18 and I do think its a great lens. What’s happening is that I find 12mm is perfect for most of my work and better than the 28mm I tended to shoot when I was using the 14-45mm. I think the slightly wider angle is causing me to change lens less. I hadn’t given the quality aspect any thought as I’m quite happy using either lens. It’s much more a question of composition.

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