Friday image No.037

Nikon D800, 18-35 Nikkor lens, f/16.0 for 0.625" at ISO100
Penmon Lighthouse. Nikon D800, 18-35 Nikkor lens, f/16.0 for 0.625″ at ISO100

Here’s a recent one from the Nikon D800. After a few trips I finally seem to be working better with the D800 and more of my images are in focus and sharp. I’m shooting with the camera set to 14bit mode rather than the usual 12bit and the colours seem to be responding well during the RAW file conversions. I will of course have more to say in the near future on the D800 and will be comparing it to the Olympus EM5 and Sony RX10.

Now over the next couple of weeks I’m going to go a little silent on you all and won’t be posting. I need to dedicate some time to getting the new Lenscraft website up and running. I hope to have this finished by the end of October but I need to spend some dedicated time. This isn’t just a new website but an entire move of platform.

I hope you like the image, have a great weekend and I’ll be back online around the end of the month.

4 thoughts on “Friday image No.037

  1. My D800 is one of the early production models with left sensor AF focusing issues. Luckily, the problem goes away at apertures f/5.6 and above. However, I have stumbled upon an in-camera sharpening setting under the Picture Controls. I’m not crazy about having the camera preset sharpening on the RAW file before I open it in Adobe Camera RAW in Photoshop, which also has default sharpening settings, but I’m still testing the output to see if the internal sharpening should be turned off. Great images, by the way.

    1. Thanks Peter. I havent come across this problem before. I’m also finding it a little tricky to navigate some of the deeper menues in the D800. I have purchased a couple of books but am losing faith as they seem to be littered with mistakes. I will continue to experiment and report back findings through the blog also.

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