Emotional Challenge

What does this image say to you? Olympus EM5 + 45-150mm Panasonic lens.
What does this image say to you? Olympus EM5 + 45-150mm Panasonic lens.

Recently, besides buying lots of new equipment, I have become interested in the challenge of introducing emotion into photography. With some photography (mainly involving people) it tends to be a little easier. You can catch that moment of joy or the look in a subjects eye but with landscapes it becomes a little more difficult. Sure you can show wonderful, breathtaking scenes but this doesn’t always translate into an emotional element.

What I want to achieve are images that evoke an emotional response or a feeling of nostalgia. The only tools I have to do this are my camera, choice of composition and post processing “effects”. This is probably a worthy challenge to set myself and one that I don’t yet know how to achieve. It’s also going to be made more difficult as not everyone will see the same or respond in the same way to the same image.

Above is a simple image which is not much different than how it came out of the camera. I think it has potential through the composition and subject matter to evoke emotion. I suspect with more processing it could achieve a stronger impact.

What do you think?

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