Now that’s a leading line

The great wall of Wasdale
The great wall of Wasdale


I just wanted to share this one.

6 thoughts on “Now that’s a leading line

  1. Thanks for your posts. I am going to be in central England in July for several weeks and was curious as to were this is shot was taken?

    On Wednesday, June 11, 2014, The Lightweight Photographer wrote:

    > thelightweightphotographer posted: ” I just wanted to share this > one.”

    1. This is the lake district in cumbria. The lake you cab see in the distance is called wastwater and was voted Britain’s favourite view a few years back in a national TV series. The wall is in a small village called wasdale head. This is one if the more remote lakes but worth the effort. If you plan to visit the lake district let me know and I can suggest a few locations you might like to try. It’s a large area and not too many roads.

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